Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Antonius thinks WSOP bracelet sucks

According to Patrik Antonius the WSOP bracelet is not worth his time. He says in an interview with that the bracelet it is a piece of shit. He continues "Who doesn't have a Bracelet?". I can tell you one thing, Antonius does not have one. So is it jealosy that makes Patrik utter such a thing? It sure seems like it.
patrik antonius

Antonius will only be playing in the biggest tournaments in WSOP this year. The reason he states is that there is not much money to win in most of the tournaments.
He also tells us a little bit about a new site that is launching,, along with letting us know that he thinks Ziigmund is way out of line at the online tables and thinks that if Ziigmund behaved as he does online at a live table he would get his ass kicked. If you got 50 minutes to spare watch the full interview.

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