Monday, November 20, 2017

Great Poker Youtube Channels

Here is a collection of youtube channels that I have been keeping an eye on lately. Some really cool guys. 

Doug Polk

Black Cash Poker

Live at the Bike

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Marti Roca De Torres wins WSOP Europe

Spaniard wins WSOP Europe

The renowned Spanish player Marti Roca De Torres became the last man in WSOP Europe's main event and was rewarded with just over € 1.1 million in prize money.

It became Spanish Marti Roca De Torres who took home the main event this year's edition of the World Series of Poker. He was awarded the honor, a winning bracelet and € 1 115 207 in prize money. Torres had qualified via a € 200 satellite, and his total recorded prize money before this tournament amounted to $ 30,000.

Maria Ho led the tournament before the final day but left first of the six remaining players. She and Niall Farrell fought in a spectacular three-way allin where HO had AJ, Farell KK and Torres AA.

1 - Marti Roca de Torres - € 1 115 207
2 - Gianluca Speranza - € 689 246
3 - Mathijs Jonkers - € 476 585
4 - Robert Bickley - € 335 089
5 - Niall Farrell - € 239 639
6 - Maria Ho - € 174 365

Tips for Texas Hold'em

Tips for Texas Hold'em

Texas Holdem Tips Here are a number of Texas Holdem tips that you can apply to overall become a better poker player.

  1. Do not play so many hands! Between 20% and 30% is about right, if not even fewer.
  2. Fold often. Especially immediately after the flop. After that you should either have a good chance of improvement or a hand with great opportunities to ultimately be the best. If you are going to call us worthless hands that have opportunities for improvement, basically, only math is dictated.
  3. Play on a level that suits you. If you have trouble making a profit then go down to a lower bet level, as opponents are usually worse.
  4. Study your opponents carefully. Even in those cases where you do not participate. Learning their opponents tactics is a huge advantage.
  5. Do not forget that you can use raises to get information. You should of course also use them to push the opponents and to make the pot bigger.
  6. Do not bluff too often! Not too rarely either, but try to find some sort of frequency about how often you should bluff. If you never bluff, your opponents learn quickly and they get a big deal over you.
  7. Varied your game. Make the opponents confused by sometimes playing a bad start hand and the like. Sometimes dictates mathematics that sometimes you should do it one and sometimes the other.
  8. Learn how important the position is. You can always read the article in the subject here. However, there is more to know. In most books, there is usually a chapter on the importance of the position. The poker handbook is one of them.
  9. Record your game. Through this you can learn how to maximize pots. How often you should lay down etc. On many internet pages you can now also make small notes about other players. This is something you should of course note. For example. if a player is inclined to call too often if he is aggressive, tight or if he is often bluffing.
  10. Do not play in a game that makes you feel uncomfortable, afraid etc. For example. if the limits are too high for your taste.
  11. Do not play more than 10% of your game money during a session.
  12. Do not bluff against a cash player, then it's the solid percentage of poker that applies. Against a good, however, it is necessary every now and then.
  13. Try not to disclose what you think because of tells or leaks. Instead, try to look neutral as best as possible.
  14. Win maximum. Lose minimum. If you win, keep playing but you should stop doing it once.
  15. Here are some other stuff that you may not always think about when playing Texas Hold'em.
  16. If there is no pair on the table, there may never be a box or a four-digit among the players.
  17. If ten people play, when the river is shown, 25 cards will be distributed. So almost half of the card game.
  18. According to Hoyle, 65% of all winning hands are made using the river card.
  19. We hope you enjoy these tips while playing Texas Holdem. Take a look around the site for more information to improve your game.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

He might give away $ 18 million - used to "much higher levels"

It is ready for the final table of one million U.S. dollars tournament Big One for One Drop. One of the finalists, David Einhorn, promises to give away everything he wins to charity.

Eight players remain in the Big One for One Drop and the smallest Einhorn can win is $ 1 237 333rd At most, it might be outrageous $ 18,346,673.

And all will then go to charity, the organization City Year exact. City Year provides young people between 17 and 22 years chances are for one year to work as mentors and additional teachers at some of the least successful public schools in the United States.

This is not the first time David Einhorn donates poker winnings to charity. 2006 he finished in 18 place in the WSOP main event and donated over $ 659,000 to Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Einhorn is the founder and president of Greenlight Capital, a hedge fund he started in 1996 with $ 900 000. He was bitten by the poker when he and a friend played a charity tournament for the "Math for America" ​​a few years ago.

- After that we decided to put one on to learn about poker and play in a few small tournaments, have some home games and read some books. As a result, we came to Las Vegas to play the Main Event of World Series of Poker at the end of the year and that's when I had that crazy fluency, says Einhorn to PokerListings.

Compared to many of the other finalists have Einhorn thus limited poker skills. But he claims to have other advantages in this richest context.

- I am extremely fortunate person. I am a money manager and I take care of a pretty good fund that generates a great income for me, so I have to get into some rather tough battles with nerves every day at my job, at levels much higher than we deal with here.

 - So for me it's more that I love poker as a game because it gives me the chance to measure myself with some very intelligent people and have a lot of fun while doing it. I have definitely not the same card skills that most of these guys, but I will at least have an advantage when it comes to nerves, says David Einhorn.

The position before the final table in the Big One for One Drop:
  1. Antonio Esfandiari - 39.925 million
  2. Sam Trickett - 37 million
  3. Guy Laliberté - 21.7 million
  4. Brian Rast - 11.35 million
  5. Phil Hellmuth - 10.925 million
  6. David Einhorn - 8.375 million
  7. Richard Yong - 7.475 million
  8. Bobby Baldwin - 7.15 million

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Luke Schwartz Kicked of the Party Poker Premier Leauge in Style

This seasons Party Poker Premier Leauge line up was nothing short of spectacular, with a plethora of top pro's taking part and probably it's toughest season to date. Below is PKRsources video of the week - in which Luke 'Full Flush' Schwartz makes the impossible possible.

Here were some of Luke Shwartz's predictions on the Premier Leauge.
  • Phil Hellmuth - all mouth well past it won 20 years ago against the lolest of fields
  • Tony G - about as much mouth and skill as Hellmuth
  • David Benyamine - I can feel the equity already in his Hold ‘em leaks
  • JC Tran - won it last year although field was easy
  • Roland de Wolfe - any profit he might make will be paid st8 to whoever whipped him at chinnese for the week
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko - doesn’t make any mistakes but I think I own him
  • Daniel Negreanu - total legend prob 2nd favourite after myself of course
  • Vanessa Rousso - can never tell the difference between her and the girl from American Pie that plays poker too
  • Doyle Brunson - obv a legend not sure if he can keep up with me but I guess he’ll own Phil and Tony
You would think with the strength of Lukes confidence the tournament was as good as his. However, it was not meant to be. David Benyamine took down the tile of Premier Leauge Champion, with Luke Shwartz finsihing in a very respectable 2nd position.

David Benyamine: I am not used to it.

David Benyamine said: “It feels really good winning a title, I’m not used to it. The whole time I never thought about winning, I just wanted to do what I thought was right. I know people always say that when they win but it’s true.

I haven’t really been around for a while and I hope this gives me momentum going forward! I really enjoyed the format and competition – I’m sure it will make great TV.

Phil Ivey's luxurious mansion for sale: $2,000,000.00

After the divorce Luciaetta and Phil Ivey have put their house on the market. The house is listed for almost $2 million US dollars. The lucky? buyer would become neighbour with big league guys like David Copperfield, Andre Agassi, Howard Lederer and Tomas Breitling.
phil ivey mansion

The house was built 2001 and the living area is about 625 square metres.The mansion is equipped with all kinds of luxurious things, 3 enormous bedrooms, 6 restrooms, swimming pool and a spa overlooking a magnificent golf course.
The couple moved in 2004 but now when their relationship will end they have decided to sell their private estate.

Ivey's loss

According to cakepoker the finance crisis is the cause for the loss Ivey will make when selling the property. The mansion was bought for around $2.2 million US dollars and it is doubtful that anyone would even pay the requested price of $1,995,000.00 USD.
Even though Ivey will make a loss of a couple hundred grands, it's just a few hours of grinding at the high stakes tables to cover up for it. Ivey with his sponsorship and ownership in FullTilt is said to be worth well over $100,000,000.00.