Sunday, May 9, 2010

Luke Schwartz Kicked of the Party Poker Premier Leauge in Style

This seasons Party Poker Premier Leauge line up was nothing short of spectacular, with a plethora of top pro's taking part and probably it's toughest season to date. Below is PKRsources video of the week - in which Luke 'Full Flush' Schwartz makes the impossible possible.

Here were some of Luke Shwartz's predictions on the Premier Leauge.
  • Phil Hellmuth - all mouth well past it won 20 years ago against the lolest of fields
  • Tony G - about as much mouth and skill as Hellmuth
  • David Benyamine - I can feel the equity already in his Hold ‘em leaks
  • JC Tran - won it last year although field was easy
  • Roland de Wolfe - any profit he might make will be paid st8 to whoever whipped him at chinnese for the week
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko - doesn’t make any mistakes but I think I own him
  • Daniel Negreanu - total legend prob 2nd favourite after myself of course
  • Vanessa Rousso - can never tell the difference between her and the girl from American Pie that plays poker too
  • Doyle Brunson - obv a legend not sure if he can keep up with me but I guess he’ll own Phil and Tony
You would think with the strength of Lukes confidence the tournament was as good as his. However, it was not meant to be. David Benyamine took down the tile of Premier Leauge Champion, with Luke Shwartz finsihing in a very respectable 2nd position.

David Benyamine: I am not used to it.

David Benyamine said: “It feels really good winning a title, I’m not used to it. The whole time I never thought about winning, I just wanted to do what I thought was right. I know people always say that when they win but it’s true.

I haven’t really been around for a while and I hope this gives me momentum going forward! I really enjoyed the format and competition – I’m sure it will make great TV.

Phil Ivey's luxurious mansion for sale: $2,000,000.00

After the divorce Luciaetta and Phil Ivey have put their house on the market. The house is listed for almost $2 million US dollars. The lucky? buyer would become neighbour with big league guys like David Copperfield, Andre Agassi, Howard Lederer and Tomas Breitling.
phil ivey mansion

The house was built 2001 and the living area is about 625 square metres.The mansion is equipped with all kinds of luxurious things, 3 enormous bedrooms, 6 restrooms, swimming pool and a spa overlooking a magnificent golf course.
The couple moved in 2004 but now when their relationship will end they have decided to sell their private estate.

Ivey's loss

According to cakepoker the finance crisis is the cause for the loss Ivey will make when selling the property. The mansion was bought for around $2.2 million US dollars and it is doubtful that anyone would even pay the requested price of $1,995,000.00 USD.
Even though Ivey will make a loss of a couple hundred grands, it's just a few hours of grinding at the high stakes tables to cover up for it. Ivey with his sponsorship and ownership in FullTilt is said to be worth well over $100,000,000.00.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Antonius thinks WSOP bracelet sucks

According to Patrik Antonius the WSOP bracelet is not worth his time. He says in an interview with that the bracelet it is a piece of shit. He continues "Who doesn't have a Bracelet?". I can tell you one thing, Antonius does not have one. So is it jealosy that makes Patrik utter such a thing? It sure seems like it.
patrik antonius

Antonius will only be playing in the biggest tournaments in WSOP this year. The reason he states is that there is not much money to win in most of the tournaments.
He also tells us a little bit about a new site that is launching,, along with letting us know that he thinks Ziigmund is way out of line at the online tables and thinks that if Ziigmund behaved as he does online at a live table he would get his ass kicked. If you got 50 minutes to spare watch the full interview.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sammy Farha tipped dealer $25, mistake

The insane mistake took place at Bobby's Room on Bellagio in Las Vegas, where the biggest high stakes cash games are said to take place. According to a source from Sammy Farha had just won an massive pot and as common curtsey for many players he tipped the female dealer with a chip. The female dealer who noticed that the chip was not just A chip, but a $25,000 US dollar chip, was quick to tuck it into her pocket and safety.
sammy farha 25k chip tip

One of the players at the table who had noticed the massive tip asked Farah if it was intended to tip the female dealer that big. Farha who then realised the fatal error he had made let the dealer know that it was by mistake and asked for the chip back. The dealer who was not very keen on giving the chip back to Farah refused.
However, as one of the players around the table was the owner of Bellagio himself she was advised that she would not be able to exchange the chip in any Casino in the whole world, neither would she be keeping her job. Obviously this was not a very pleasant situation for the girl and she returned the chip to Farha.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Phil Ivey will be forced to pay $5 million US dollars if he does not win two WSOP bracelets within two years. We are all well known with the prop bets the poker pros are making on the side of their games. Not too long ago we saw Tom 'durrrr' Dwan make a $1 million bet that Phil Ivey would not be able to stay on a vegetarian diet for one year. This ended with Ivey buying himself out of the bet for the whole sum.

Phil Ivey

After the loss of $1 million US dollars the once again meat eating pro has now made yet another big bet along with Howard Lederer. Daniel Negreanu revealed during WPT that Ivey will be forced to pay $5,000,000.00 if he does not win two WSOP bracelets during 2010 and 2011.

Do not worry

For those who fear the worst we are happy to let you know that Ivey is good for well over $100 million US dollars so there is no reason to shed any tears should he not be able to win the bet.