Sunday, May 9, 2010

Phil Ivey's luxurious mansion for sale: $2,000,000.00

After the divorce Luciaetta and Phil Ivey have put their house on the market. The house is listed for almost $2 million US dollars. The lucky? buyer would become neighbour with big league guys like David Copperfield, Andre Agassi, Howard Lederer and Tomas Breitling.
phil ivey mansion

The house was built 2001 and the living area is about 625 square metres.The mansion is equipped with all kinds of luxurious things, 3 enormous bedrooms, 6 restrooms, swimming pool and a spa overlooking a magnificent golf course.
The couple moved in 2004 but now when their relationship will end they have decided to sell their private estate.

Ivey's loss

According to cakepoker the finance crisis is the cause for the loss Ivey will make when selling the property. The mansion was bought for around $2.2 million US dollars and it is doubtful that anyone would even pay the requested price of $1,995,000.00 USD.
Even though Ivey will make a loss of a couple hundred grands, it's just a few hours of grinding at the high stakes tables to cover up for it. Ivey with his sponsorship and ownership in FullTilt is said to be worth well over $100,000,000.00.

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