Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sammy Farha tipped dealer $25,000...by mistake

The insane mistake took place at Bobby's Room on Bellagio in Las Vegas, where the biggest high stakes cash games are said to take place. According to a source from acemag.dk Sammy Farha had just won an massive pot and as common curtsey for many players he tipped the female dealer with a chip. The female dealer who noticed that the chip was not just A chip, but a $25,000 US dollar chip, was quick to tuck it into her pocket and safety.
sammy farha 25k chip tip

One of the players at the table who had noticed the massive tip asked Farah if it was intended to tip the female dealer that big. Farha who then realised the fatal error he had made let the dealer know that it was by mistake and asked for the chip back. The dealer who was not very keen on giving the chip back to Farah refused.
However, as one of the players around the table was the owner of Bellagio himself she was advised that she would not be able to exchange the chip in any Casino in the whole world, neither would she be keeping her job. Obviously this was not a very pleasant situation for the girl and she returned the chip to Farha.


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