Monday, October 5, 2009

Betsafe acquires Propaganda Poker

-This transaction will bring more benefits through much wider offers, better customer support and EU license gaming.

Propaganda Poker will be an external partner to Betsafe, our new partner, following a structural deal concluded on October 5. The ownership of Propaganda Poker’s customer base will be transferred to Betsafe, which means there will be plenty of benefits for the customers.

All players in the Propaganda Poker customer base will of course be more than welcome to follow in the move, but the final decision will rest with them. There will be lots of benefits for the players who do make the transition, especially for most players in the EU area who will be able to claim their winnings tax-free since Betsafe is registered on Malta and deal with tax issues there.

Betsafe has many more customers than Propaganda Poker and offer more services such as casino and sports betting apart from poker. The combined forces of the two companies will mean that players have better access to more promotions, bigger tournaments and a faster and wider array of payment solutions.

Betsafe has approximately 250,000 registered players and is a part of the Ongame network, which is the second largest online poker network while Propaganda Poker is part of the Ipoker network.

“We will now have the possibility to offer our players a bigger and wider assortment of offers with Betsafe. Betsafe is also a serious and logical partner for us as they are well equipped when it comes to payment solutions and they can provide support in several languages. Propaganda Poker’s role in the new setup will be as an external cooperation partner who will deliver strong marketing for Betsafe and scout affiliates all over the world,” said Raymond Hope, CEO of Propaganda Poker.

“The cooperation will benefit all parties and markets as Propaganda Poker is specialized in poker while we at Betsafe have a bit wider focus. Propaganda is historically biggest in Russia, the Baltics, followed by Germany and France. This complements us nicely since we are big in Scandinavia but also in Latvia where we are growing,” said Henrik Persson Ekdahl.

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